Is iPad Insurance Costing Your School More Than Necessary?

When it comes to protecting the iPads at your school, you might think insurance is the safest bet. But let’s look at the numbers and see if that’s really the case.

The Reality of Breakages

Statistics show that on average, only 5% of school iPads suffer breakages. So, why insure 100% of them when you could be saving funds?

A Closer Look at the Costs

Picture a school with 500 iPad (9th generation). With AppleCare+ at £69 per device for two years, the cost totals an eye-watering £34,500.

If 5% of iPads break each year, that’s 50 iPads over the two years. There is a £39 excess fee at Apple, so that would be an additional £1,950.

At SimplyFixIt, ad-hoc repairs for the same number of iPads would cost just £4,950

The Bottom Line

Choosing ad-hoc repairs over full insurance could save your school an impressive £31,500

At SimplyFixIt, we believe in only paying for what you need. And with our experienced team, your iPads are in safe hands.

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Prices correct as of September 2023.